Growing disciples who love learning

Our Structure

Our structure is a conscious reminder that we function never as a replacement for the learning environment of a Christian home, but always as a supporter and supplement to it. To that end, PCS offers two scheduling options to families with children in younger grades (K-3).

  • In our traditional schedule, Kindergarteners begin PCS with five half days each week, gradually increasing class time until they become full-day students in the fourth grade. This allows plenty of time at home for those families who desire it, and experience has shown it to be far more than adequate in preparing students academically for later grades.
  • We also offer a full-day option that we call our enrichment schedule. Classroom time and the academic curriculum are exactly the same as in the “traditional” schedule; however, the enrichment schedule is far from mere childcare. Rather, these “Afternoon Adventures” offer additional learning opportunities, including reading, nature studies, creative play, music and other activities. It is so much fun that many students on our traditional schedule choose to participate once or twice per week!

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