Growing disciples who love learning

The PCS Difference

As a covenant school, PCS has some key differences, even from many other Christian schools. These distinctions show in our philosophy, our structure, our curriculum, our teachers and, of course, our students.

Our Philosophy

The families of PCS are all committed followers of Jesus who desire above all else to see their children grow in faith and discipleship. Thus, while we admire and affirm Christian schools that are expressly evangelistic, our ministry is focused on believing families. PCS acts as an extension of each family in the school, supporting discipleship in an environment of educational excellence.

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Our Structure

At PCS, we believe that children need plenty of time to move, play, explore and interact with each other. In short, they need the freedom to be children! Our schedule allows children the chance to learn how to be students, avoiding developmentally-inappropriate pressure to perform.

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Our Curriculum

Few people—least of all children—learn best by studying dry textbooks, listening to long lectures or memorizing facts for an impending test. PCS allows students to engage in rich, varied sources using their own innate curiosity and creativity. As their teachers direct them in this, they come to understand the wonder of how history, language, science, math and the arts combine to illustrate the Creator’s glory.

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Our Teachers

Smiles, encouragements and prayers are just some of the hallmarks of the staff at PCS. Rather than having dozens of students to teach, they have 8-10 at most. This allows them time to spend with each child, accounting for his or her unique skills and learning style.

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Our Students

Students at PCS have been known to ask how soon Christmas break ends and to fake being well so they would not have to miss school! Older students routinely seek out their younger friends to involve them in games at recess or at special events. Everyone who spends a little time at PCS sees that our student life really is extraordinary.

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