Growing disciples who love learning


My grandson, and I were returning home from a fishing trip recently when I was flipping through some radio channels and landed on a classical music station. He perked up immediately in the back seat and blurted out, “That’s Mozart!   We studied him in the first grade. I’ve heard that before. It’s called ‘The Magic Flute!” I was startled.  Here is a seven year old “Huck Finn” commenting on the radio’s classical music, naming the composer and his music. I wouldn’t have known it was Mozart except that “Mozart” was on my radio screen when I looked. When I asked him if he liked the music, he startled me again when he replied “Yes, I really like it.” How many seven year olds would recognize Mozart on the radio and comment on his music, even to the degree of liking it?

All this is to say that you should have a great feeling of accomplishment to know that you have implanted in a seven year old “Huck Finn” some respectable culture of music that most middle- and high-schoolers, and even college students, are lacking today, along with most adults. It is most gratifying as a grandfather to see your handiwork coming out.

Keep up the good work.  It is greatly appreciated!


And from a kindergarten parent:

We are LOVING it so far. I am just in awe and I seriously pinch myself every now and then because this school just doesn’t seem real. It’s so so great and I love every aspect of it- as does my son. And that is SUCH an answer to prayer since he fussed so much about “having to go to school this year” before it started – I was concerned it’d be a battle every morning! And it’s not! And for my kid, that says a lot- about you guys and where God wants us! =) 
Thank you for having the vision for this school and for loving on the kids so well!