Growing disciples who love learning


Kindergarten            223155_10150398174438975_557833_n

Parkview Christian School offers a developmental Kindergarten where the children gather in a relaxed atmosphere to grow in their developmental and social skills. Our goal is to instill in the young learner habits that will help him or her be a successful student.

We believe that play is an important part of a young child’s education. Through play, children learn to relate to their peers, their world, and their God. We offer the kindergartener a feast of ideas and subjects to be internalized and understood as each child is able. Children are presented with opportunities to develop phonics and math skills, and are exposed to a rich curriculum that includes studies on artists such as Rosa Bonheur and Claude Monet, composers such as Sousa and Brahms, as well as nature studies. Our hands-on activities engage the whole child, and are carefully designed to gradually introduce children to formal education beginning in First Grade.

Elementary School

Our First through Fifth grade classes have a full and varied curriculum designed to develop their God-given desire to learn…we nurture the seeds that parents plant—to grow the hearts of life-long learners. Hallmarks of these classes are a low teacher/student ratio and parent taught Enrichment Days in first and second grades. The abundant feast available to these young people includes the winsome writings of children’s authors, classic artists and composers and a curriculum based on best practices.

Middle School

Our Middle School students (Sixth through Eighth Grades) enjoy personalized attention from dedicated, loving teachers. Our small setting allows our teenagers to be friends without the distractions which often accompany large group dynamics. Our graduates have gone on to both public and private schools and have successfully bridged the gap to their next stage of education. In addition to local field trips, extensive overnight excursions enrich our curriculum including out-of-town trips to Look up Lodge, Chattanooga, TN, Dauphin Island, AL, Charleston, SC and Washington, DC.