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Updated tuition and fee information for the 2015-2016 school year is linked here.

Please allow at least four weeks for application process to be completed.

1. Read For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, and listen to the PCS philosophy recording. (Family interview may not take place until this step is completed.) We have both available in our school office.

2. Complete the Student Application package. Please download and print each of the documents listed below. You will need each of the following:

You may also come by the school office to pick up all of these forms.

3. Send the appropriate forms to individual references, your church, and if appropriate, to the applicant’s previous school. Each form should be returned directly to PCS.

4. Submit a completed application form along with $100  non-refundable application fee in person to the Office Manager. This includes a testing fee for the applicant, as well as application processing.

5. Our Principal or Office Manager will contact you to schedule a testing appointment. Each child is tested to ensure proper placement.

6. If the child is a candidate for our school, a family interview will be scheduled. The parents and the prospective student meet with two Board members to ensure a compatible fit. In an effort to focus on the needs of the student, siblings are not to be present. Please allow approximately two hours for the conversation.

7. Following the next monthly School Board meeting, the family will be informed of their admission status. If accepted, the child may begin to attend once all fees are paid.  Continuing enrollment status is dependent upon full compliance with school policies.