A Different Kind of Christian School & Community
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    Creating a love for art

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    Giving Thanks

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    Dressed as Pilgrims

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    Christmas Nativity

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    Fun at the Park



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Biblical Beliefs

We are a covenant Christian school. As such, we are a ministry to...

Upcoming Events

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A Covenant Christian School

At Parkview Christian School, we believe that Christian families share a covenant relationship with God and with each other. As a covenant Christian school, we enter into that covenant to partner with parents in educating children. We are a close-knit community of believing families and teachers who together share the responsibility of providing a Christ-centered education.

Children are not simply empty vessels into which we pour information; rather, each child is created in God’s image and is capable of experiencing the beauty and wonder of God in a unique way. We strive to provide an environment that encourages children to see and know God through learning.

We believe that young children need to spend most of their time at home in order to internalize family values and to learn by working, experimenting and observing. We also think they should spend a good amount of time outdoors. Our ultimate goal is to teach children to glorify God and enjoy him forever.